Investment Adviser Firm Summary

QAPITAL INVEST, LLC (CRD# 283762 / SEC# 801-112184)
Alternate Names: QAPITAL INVEST, LLC

The adviser's REGISTRATION status is listed below.


SEC Approved 12/19/2017


Investment adviser firms registered with the SEC may be required to provide to state securities authorities a copy of their Form ADV and any accompanying amendments filed with the SEC. These filings are called "notice filings". Below are the states with which the firm you selected makes its notice filings. Also listed is the date the firm first became notice filed or registered in each state.

Alabama 03/14/2019
Alaska 03/14/2019
Arizona 03/14/2019
Arkansas 03/14/2019
California 03/14/2019
Colorado 03/14/2019
Connecticut 03/14/2019
Delaware 03/14/2019
District of Columbia 03/14/2019
Florida 03/14/2019
Georgia 03/14/2019
Hawaii 03/14/2019
Idaho 03/14/2019
Illinois 03/15/2019
Indiana 03/14/2019
Iowa 03/14/2019
Kansas 03/14/2019
Kentucky 03/14/2019
Louisiana 03/14/2019
Maine 03/14/2019
Maryland 03/14/2019
Massachusetts 03/14/2019
Michigan 03/14/2019
Minnesota 03/14/2019
Mississippi 03/14/2019
Missouri 03/14/2019
Montana 03/14/2019
Nebraska 03/14/2019
Nevada 03/14/2019
New Hampshire 03/14/2019
New Jersey 03/14/2019
New Mexico 03/14/2019
New York 12/19/2017
North Carolina 03/14/2019
North Dakota 03/14/2019
Ohio 03/14/2019
Oklahoma 03/14/2019
Oregon 03/14/2019
Pennsylvania 03/14/2019
Puerto Rico 03/14/2019
Rhode Island 03/14/2019
South Carolina 03/14/2019
South Dakota 03/14/2019
Tennessee 03/14/2019
Texas 03/14/2019
Utah 03/14/2019
Vermont 03/14/2019
Virgin Islands 03/14/2019
Virginia 03/14/2019
Washington 03/14/2019
West Virginia 03/14/2019
Wisconsin 03/14/2019
Wyoming 03/14/2019


Exempt Reporting Advisers ("ERA") are investment advisers that are not required to register as investment advisers because they rely on certain exemptions from registration under sections 203(l) and 203(m) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and related rules. Certain state securities regulatory authorities have similar exemptions based on state statutes or regulations. An ERA is required to file a report using Form ADV, but does not complete all items contained in Form ADV that a registered adviser must complete. Other state securities regulatory authorities require an ERA to register as an investment adviser and file a complete Form ADV. Below are the regulators with which an ERA report is filed.

Not Currently an Exempt Reporting Adviser